Homework Policy

Homework is an important element to 5th grade because:

  • independent practice usually increases understanding

  • additional practice usually increases retention

  • creates habits of organization and time management in preparation for middle school

Homework is expected to be brought to class on the assigned date. If homework is not brought in, a reminder will be written in the student's daily planner. Should the homework not be brought in the following day, an e-mail will be sent home regarding the need to complete the assignment. It may be necessary for the student to use his/her recess time to complete the assignment if it still does not come in to class.

If a student has been absent, the teacher will work with them to set a deadline for the homework missed. (This work will be given to the student upon their return to school.)This will be individualized as it will depend on the number of days missed and the amount of instruction that will need to be provided to the student.

The 5th grade teachers will work together to monitor the amount of nightly homework assigned. Generally, students are not expected to spend more than an hour per school night on homework.